Resolute Rhode Island Litigator Takes on Complex Business Cases

West Warwick law firm fights for positive outcomes in intricate matters

Legal disagreements that are not carefully and knowledgeably handled can cause devastation to businesses. If you are embroiled in a dispute because someone has violated your legal and contractual rights, a skilled business litigator can help you win a fair result. At Atchison Law in West Warwick, I handle contract breaches, partnership and shareholder disputes, business torts, commercial real estate concerns and bankruptcy issues for Rhode Island clients.  

Experienced attorney advises businesses and individuals in contract breaches

When someone fails to meet their obligations under the terms of a contract, a breach of contract claim may be made against them. A few general examples of possible breaches include:

  • When goods or services are not delivered as agreed to
  • When money that is owed isn’t paid
  • When trade secrets are disclosed in violation of an employment agreement or other contract.

If you believe a business or individual has breached a contract  or if you are being accused of a breach, I can review the contract and advise you about your options.

Hardworking lawyer protects clients in partnership and shareholder disputes

When disputes happen with partners or shareholders, businesses can suffer. Disputes may involve succession planning, buy-sell agreements, executive compensation, management deadlocks regarding operating decisions and many other issues. If the various sides are at a stalemate, litigation may often be the only path forward. I handle complex partnership and shareholder disputes to get businesses operating effectively again.

Responsive legal counselor offers guidance in business tort cases

Business torts often involve unfair trade practices that can cause harm to another’s business. A few examples include:

  • Wrongful and intentional interference with a competitor’s business opportunities
  • Fraudulent activities such as false advertising or marketing products that are so similar to a competitor’s that it causes confusion among consumers
  • Making false statements that disparage another party’s products or services, resulting in lost business

Business tort cases are often highly complicated and can be difficult to litigate, but I don’t back down from a challenge. I will review the evidence of your case and assert your rights in court.

Proactive law firm litigates commercial real estate conflicts

Boundary disagreements, title defects, sale and purchase contract issues, zoning problems and a variety of other concerns can lead to commercial real estate conflicts. If you are faced with a dispute over your business or other commercial property purchase or sale, I will advocate strongly on your behalf. If it is not in your best interests to pursue litigation, I will also seek to settle your matter out of court.

Accomplished lawyer handles banking and creditor issues

I handle loan workouts to help borrowers avoid bankruptcy and creditors maximize their recovery. Additionally, I advise creditors about their rights in relation to lender liability claims made by borrowers. These claims commonly include breaches of contract, where the borrower states that the lender did not uphold certain promises made to them at the time the loan agreement was made. If you are facing one of these issues, I will advise you about your options and fiercely represent you.

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